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Hello & thank you in advance for visiting our site. Are you or your business a victim of Alarm Fines? Break-ins? Vandalism? Theft? Do you have other security concerns?
Let Blue Lightning Protection LLC take the worry away… so you can sleep easy, or just feel secure in your day-to-day activities. We can provide specialized patrol services unique to your situation and solve your security concerns. Fort Myers Patrol Service
Unfortunately for the consumer, our competitors in the Fort Myers area are all too well known for sub-standard performance which reflects on the entire industry. Blue Lightning Protection LLC is comprised of law enforcement and security professionals and by that requirement alone, we set ourselves above and apart from the typical gate greeter or security guard boasting minimal training. We believe in integrity and continuity of service and we are committed to our clients’ well-being and satisfaction.
BLP Patrol Officers take pride and ownership in our client’s property and care for the employees and residents we are contracted to protect. We actually spend time on your property checking all your high liability areas. We insure your doors are locked & windows are intact, and look for signs of criminal attempts that we have deterred. We report potential safety & maintenance hazards. Your employees and/or residents will also appreciate the “community policing” philosophy we have adopted. By being proactive, visible and accessible, BLP is your partner in the fight against crime and safety incident resolution.
Blue Lightning Protection’s dedicated Fort Myers Patrols is a proven deterrent to crime. It is pretty hard for ordinary law abiding people to miss our cars, so rest assured that the criminal element will take notice. Knowing that your property is protected by BLP, the would-be burglars or vandals will gladly move on to more vulnerable targets.
Fort Myers Patrol Service and Security Service Blue Lightning Protection’s Fort Myers patrol vehicles are professionally marked with highly reflective decals displaying BLP’s unique image. Each unit is equipped with emergency warning lights. This equipment is some of the more recent and highly effective LED technology that emits amber and green flashing light pursuant to Florida State Statutes. We also use custom built “police-escort” model motorcycles.
The motor units are highly effective and able to maneuver in tight or limited access spaces where the patrol cars cannot. Additionally, the motor officers are able to see and hear much more of their surroundings while on patrol and put them in a uniquely accessible position to our clients and the public. Our highly visible patrol vehicles on your property become a superior deterrent to criminal activity.
BLP officers receive the correct basic and continuing training for the fore going equipment, ensuring that they have the knowledge needed to effectively operate all of their tools for the benefit of our clients. Also, we maintain our equipment to the “highest standards” meaning that all of our equipment is regularly inspected and serviced by appropriate personnel.
Make Blue Lightning Protection your primary point of contact for your burglar alarm activations. We will respond to your burglary alarm activations when dispatched by your contracted monitoring company. In the event of a legitimate activation, BLP will make all reasonable efforts to secure or identify the offender and summon police assistance. We will insure the scene is protected as well, not only safeguarding evidence to aid in prosecution, but also acting in the best interest of our client. Private Patrol Service Fort Myers
Should the alarm be false, our officers will inspect the area in an attempt to identify the reason for the activation. Our initial response rather than the regular police will save you money! False alarms can result in severe fines and even revocation of alarm permits should they be declared habitual. For instance, in Lee County FARU (False Alarm Reduction Unit) ordinances have been enacted which result in fines starting at $25.00 and reaching as high as $300.00 for each & every false activation.
Whether a private community, small or large business, BLP is ready and able to politely and professionally enforce regulations or deed restricted covenants. From parking infractions to speeding vehicles, from response to noise violations to persons found trespassing, Blue Lightning Protection gets the job done. Fines collected by the client property management resulting from citations issued for these violations may be used to help fund your safety & security budget. In that way alone, BLP Selective Enforcement Units actually do pay for themselves!
Do you have private “in-house” security guards already or for some reason have decided not to contract for outside protection services? Are you dissatisfied with your current guard company and don’t have time to oversee them in order to gain evidence for contract termination? We understand that some may choose try to save by employing security guards in-house, or have chosen to go with a guard company that doesn’t offer supervision (or it just hasn’t been effective based on performance). Well, BLP patrol officers can help with that too! By contracting Blue Lightning Protection you can sleep well at night knowing that your security employees are being supervised because BLP Patrol Officer can make unannounced visits to your property insuring that your guards’ duties are being accomplished, they are on site, awake, effective, and in compliance with any state regulations and laws.
BLP patrol officers perform many functions for our clients and are vital in the successful execution of each client’s custom designed security program, thereby creating safer and more secure workplace environments and communities.
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